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Working in 3 key areas for global success:

New Ethnography

Our unique CONCEPTUALIZERTM tool is designed to interact with consumers in the reality of their own homes. It combines ‘smart tools’ – like diary capture and ethno-upload – with input segments of any length and desired time interval – to dig deep into consumers’ minds and lives.

Market reality

Most brand owners have multiple ways of dimensionalising their markets from the business perspective, but all too often exclude the consumer perspective. The Mapping tools built into CONCEPTUALIZERTM deliver uniquely penetrating qualitative insights into consumer perceptions of your brand position within its market and versus its competitors.


Customer segmentation is vital to all brand strategy, yet too often, the segmentation process starts with huge assumptions and a client/agency top-down view. With CONCEPTUALIZERTM we run a pre-segmentation process that ensures that you start ‘real’ and are can express those segments with inspiring, true-to-life clarity


Ideas are easy, but real breakthrough, commercially and practically viable ideas – are harder! We challenge why so little powerful new thinking is applied to how brands innovate.

Our ability to connect, and rapidly re-connect, with different consumer groups, experts, clients, challengers and creatives around the globe, unlocks the innovation leadership potential of your brand.

Concept & Proposition Optimisation

So many great ideas are lost because their development is hampered by poor inputs and lack of constructive feedback.

By quickly and easily connecting with your customers and getting rich qualitative and co-creative input, we are able to optimize and shape your propositions precisely and powerfully.

Clients who regularly test their concepts quantitatively almost always see a significant uplift in quant results when they use CONCEPTUALIZERTM to develop them first.

The ultimate creative brief

Getting to a clear creative communications’ brief is necessarily a reductive exercise. The problem is that it can mean losing the tone and emotional content of the human truth – the very thing the creative work needs to inspire and motivate.

We have developed a unique process to help you develop the ultimate creative brief, going way beyond the objectives and strategy, to describe all the dimensions of the creative space that will be sure to inspire the right consumer response.

Award winning creative results

Developing all types of multi-channel communications – advertising, digital or design – can easily become guesswork. But historically it has been too time consuming to get consumer feedback during the creative process.

But we are leading a revolution. With CONCEPTUALIZERTM it is easy to connect with your target – so that you and your creative team, can have detailed, qualitative diagnostic feedback on everything from initial ideas to executional detail. By the time the work is complete, you know that every element has been optimised.

Clients who regularly test their communication material quantitatively almost always see a significant uplift in quant results when they use CONCEPTUALIZERTM to develop them first.

Our footprint

Whilst our Hub is in the UK, we now operate in 23 languages and in 27 countries around the world and are adding new geographies all the time. Our methodologies and tools are designed to enable us to be in virtually any new market within 2 weeks of receiving a brief.

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What people say

“A new edge tool with broad geographic coverage but not losing any of the depth of more traditional research”

CMI Manager

“The moderation was exceptional and inspiring – an absolute pleasure working with the BD team, whose knowledge and experience have really pushed our thinking forwards.”

Senior CMI Manager

“A massive thank you for all your hard work – everyone was really impressed and the positive feedback from stakeholders keeps rolling in”

Senior CMI Manager

“100% of clients, that have used CONCEPTUALIZERTM, would recommend it to colleagues”

Client Satisfaction Survey 2016

“The CONCEPTUALIZERTM platform exceeded my expectations in terms of depth and quality”

Senior CMI Manager

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to unlock the power of this unique qualitative research tool

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